Order a Flag


​Every year community members honor heroes in their lives or the community by purchasing a flag for display at our Field of Honor / Field of Heroes. Flags purchased are later provided as a keepsake. Flags can now be ordered online using our convenient PayPal option, provided below.


Instructions on Ordering:


  1. Select the number of flags (or an honor tag) to purchase.

  2. Type the Honoree Name, Rank and Military Branch in the box provided below.

  3. Type  a message in honor/memory of your Honoree in the last box below.  This message will be placed on an honor tag and will accompany a flag in the Field of Heroes throughout Memorial Day Weekend. If you need more room, please type the text in an email or MS Word Doc, copy it and paste it into the Message Box below.

  4. Click "Pay Now" and you will be directed to our PayPal site, where you can enter your payment information.





















Please do not hesitate to email Mike Boyd (mike@csforideas.com) with questions about Field of Heroes or Dave Plante (dplante@bergmannpc.com) with any questions about this website or for help on ordering.


Thank You For Your Support!















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